Monday, June 25, 2007

Our poor yard.

Our city gets a jeer for a recent housecall. Our neighbors had a problem with their water that our lovely Fox Plumbing couldn't fix. So, out comes the city at about 4pm on a Saturday. Not to be ugly, but of course we thought, "At least it's not our water that's out." Famous last words.

We share a water line with our neighbors, I guess, and the city went a-diggin'. Not only were we out of water most of the weekend (we were spared Sunday morning), but the city completely dug up our front yard.

Granted, our landscaping wasn't gorgeous, and we had some work to do, but Houston (not our city), we have a problem. For one, we had some shrubs that we planted soon afte we were married. Randy wanted to buy some a little larger, but I had this romantic idea that we'd buy smaller ones and watch them grow as our marriage grew. They're now gone. Also, there is a gorgeous live-oak tree on our neighbor's property that the workers hacked and hacked away at its roots.

After all the digging, until 3am on Sunday morning and midnight on Sunday night, there was no problem.

Introducing, our new front yard.

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