Friday, June 01, 2007

It's final!

Whoopee! We had a great morning at the courthouse. Remember the expectant mom we spoke with before K who chose another couple? Well, we finalized with her baby's adoptive family. It was a special treat. Baby got a teddy bear that he loved immediately, and now he is rolling all over the floor in excitement. The only problem is he can only roll one way so he's stuck.

Here are a few quick pics! We're so pleased.

Some comic breaks from our process:

On the way here DH realized that he had left his dress socks at home. He was slightly frustrated about it, but I couldn't stop laughing because I just pictured him walking into the courthouse with no socks. So Miami Vice! So at 9:45 we stopped at Kohl's for some new socks! I was sent in to get them because I had to use the facilities. As I stared at the socks on the wall I lost my color vision. I had to ask a fellow last-minute shopper, "Are these blue?" I had to ask the clerk, too. They were blue enough.

We got to the courthouse without issue, although on about 4 hours of sleep, and somehow found our way to the correct room. We didn't know the judge's name but fortunately saw the other couple on the way in and followed them. When we went to testify (Karen, you'll especially appreciate this) our attorney asked if we'd crossed state lines with the baby. Randy said, "No."

I thought, "What? Oh gosh, yes we did, oh no, what do we do?" The question wasn't phrased correctly. I decided to try not to worry about it. Then she asked, "Is there any criminal background in either your or your wife's history that would cause an issue in parenting this child?" Well DH was still thinking about the previous question and didn't hear, so he hesitated for a few seconds.

"Could you repeat that?" he said.

"Uh-oh," I thought again, "Is there something I don't know?" This time "no" was the answer. Survey says..."Good answer!" (And true, by the way.)

So next I answer a few questions and the attorney said, "Do you agree with the previous testimony?"


"We did travel out of state to Colorado for the holidays," I said sheepishly. Oh man, have I just accused my husband of perjury? Are we going to be taken downtown? Wait, we were downtown - was this the end?

The question should have been, "Have you taken the child across state lines for the purposes of this adoption?" The other couple verifies that the question was worded differently, too. I'm not in trouble with my husbadn for clarifying!

What is a formal proceeding without a little humor, right? It's fun to laugh about this now, and maybe we lent some comic relief to a family courtroom in which all cases are not adoption finalizations.

Thanks for tuning in!


thekeller3 said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, guys! And, yes, I agree that several of the questions were difficult to decipher on the spot, but we all made it anyway, right? Go celebrate and enjoy your little boy!!

BestLight said...

Hi, Amy. I'm glad I stumbled on to your blog.

What an exciting day! I'm happy for your family.

Missing socks, perjury, inattention...these are the things memories are made of.

Congrats to you all.

Mark and Niki said...

So happy for you! Congratulations!

Allison said...

Oh, how exciting! How did I not know that Friday was the big day? Did you not share or did I miss it?
I'm so excited for you and Randy and Erik!

Ann Thompson said...

WooHoo is right! We loved your description of the adoption proceedings and took a copy to Erik's grat grandmother, Marion.
We are all thrilled!

Christine said...