Friday, November 24, 2006

No words.

I promise some more words soon. Until then, here is a little story:

The day before Thanksgiving we travelled to Dallas to meet our son's birthmom for the first time since placement. After a nice visit, I was finishing up his feeding and we were reflecting on our time together. The next thing you know:

Baby said, "Watch this, Miss Kelly - watch me puke all over my mom!" I was cracking up. Not that Kelly wanted to throw up on me, or wanted him to, but it just struck me as being very funny that this was the first time this has ever happened with him and his birthmom got to see him slime me! We had a great visit, and we look forward to seeing her again tres soon.

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Jennifer said...

I love meeting with Emma's birthmother, too. I always hope that they get to see a first or something funny. I really feel like they are extended family no different from any one else. Open adoption is wonderful when all sides work together to make it work. I'm glad that your situation is working out well.