Sunday, November 12, 2006

New blog format

I guess this is a new, updated blogger format, but I don't see a difference. Oh, well.

Here is a cute picture of our son in his crib!

Yes, I know he is not to sleep among items like blankets, crib bumber, etc., but he is not sleeping here yet.


Matt & Kat said...

he looks cozie with the duckies....missed seeing yall Saturday....but very very glad yall got a pass since he is so young....there were like 96 attendees, guess how many were domestic? Us and 2 waiting couples.....THAT WAS IT! Very disappointed in the domestic representation!! Where were all the other couples is what I would love to know....made the domestic program look least yall will represent with us next time....make us feel not so alone....hahaha.....looking forward to meeting little Eric! Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful, lots for us all to be thankful for!!!

Matt & Kat said...

oh, and did yall nearly cry Saturday night when the Longhorns lost???? that was tough......