Saturday, March 14, 2009

I lost it at the grocery store.

No, not my cool, my grocery list!

I was near either the tomatoes or the onions and reaching for something I can no longer remember when I thought I saw something fly past in front of my eyes. I told myself I was just tired but was left with the impression that I had thrown something. My subconscious must have exclaimed "Wheee!" as I actually sent my grocery list flying into the produce section of my local H.E.B., never to be seen again.

The nice man stalking the poblano peppers helped me look for it to no avail. I was almost convinced that I had tucked it into the waistband of my jeans rather than in my pocket and it might fly out the next time I went to use the restroom. As it stands now I have no idea what happened to the list. And yes, the man was actually stocking the peppers and not tiptoeing after them menacingly.

I freaked out a little after losing that thing, but I think I ended up with all my items, plus a basil plant. I like basil.

Stalking the poblanos. Haha.


Mark and Niki said...

you had me feeling really bad for you at the title...

I'm glad you got everything you needed


sheridan said...

LOL~ I've done that a time or two...

And hey, a basil plant isn't bad either!

Thelma said...

I heart basil. Basil is good on eggs.

I'm your stocker.


Hi, my name is Judy. said...

Was it one of these?