Wednesday, July 19, 2006

MY Jennifer

I had to put "my" in all caps so as to distinguish MY Jennifer from My Jennifer (Ps birthmom).

MY Jennifer is a marvelous friend. I got her through Karen-Bob who was (and is) Jennifer's RCPF (Resident Close Personal Friend) and who is still her CPF. They don't know that I added Resident to their title, so don't tell them!

Anyway, I am having dinner with MY Jennifer tonight. We haven't hung out together in a million years!

Jennifer has been a counselor to me in numerous situations, from the Big-D, to cat discipline problems, to marriage. She was my accountability partner when Randy and I were dating. She was the MOH at our wedding and looked absolutely stunning in her red floral dress that Diane patiently directed us to find as we joked enlessly about, "What about this?" holding up PJs and bathing suits as possibly MOH clothes. (OK, fine, MOH is Maid of Honor.)

MY Jennifer has 3 children and they are very well-behaved (now Jennifer, don't laugh, it's not nice) and gorgeous, even if you can't tell which of the girls answers the phone. K is a boy, so he is easy to distinguish, AND he is grown-up enough to have his own pad, man. (Really, Fur, quit laughing!)

Lately, Jennifer wrote us a letter of recommendation for our adoption, and this is the ultimate gift a friend could give. Everybody needs a Jennifer. Who's yours?


Amy's Jennifer said...

Hey, guess what! I got to have dinner with MY Amy last night! And eat gelato. And pray for a waiter. And scrounge for gossip. And see another Amy. And a Maggie. And hang out at my house and talk til way past late. And harass Darling Randy. And be silly. And be serious. And be friends. It was wonderful. :-)

And for clarification, the children were so well-behaved last night because THEY ARE OUT OF TOWN. JK. They ARE good & beautiful, even if they are teenagers.

And who is there better to recommend to be adoptive parents than you and Randy???
Your CPF,

Trista said...

My "Jennifers" are actually Jennifer and Jenny, who are my two closest friends. There's something about Jennifer's, that's for sure!

And - incidentally - they have both written adoption recommendation letters for us, too!

Allison said...

I have 2 Jennifers! Christy & Ellie. Christy has been my BFF since we were 5. MOH in my wedding, 'The wind beneath my wings' if you will.' Ellie was my college BFF, who wrote our adoption recommendation and is a biomom herself (Amy, she commented on your blog).

I love both dearly. They are MY Christy & MY Ellie.

Jennifer said...

Jennifer's need Jennifers, too! :) My Jennifer is Trista.