Sunday, May 07, 2006


Um...I am afraid we might not win Prospective Parents of the Year this time around.

This weekend was my first weekend of freedom in awhile! With finishing up graduate school and student teaching, planning for a vacation, and trying to get our home ready for a baby, the time has hurtled by and I have barely come up for air. I think that all the stress has caught up with me. Here's what happened. (Hey, I did have an accomplice).

We went to Baby Depot in Burlington Coat Factory to look at cribs again. They had a large assortment of cribs and several brands to choose from. We went back and forth between brands, and finally decided to purchase the floor model (which was C&T brand by Sorelle). I will post a picture later, but it won't be for several days for the following reason -- we couldn't get it home!

We had to disassemble the floor model in the store because it was too big for our car all put together. It took us awhile to get the last piece detatched, but we managed. The friendly salesladies helped us carry the pieces outside and then we pulled the car around. I was praying while Randy brought the car over, because the back board of the crib seemed a little large for the car. It was, so we realized we had to leave that part at Baby Depot until we could borrow a bigger car. We loaded up the rest of the pieces and off we went.

After a quick stop for a soda at Jack in the Box, we realized that we had left four parts of the disassembled crib sitting on the planter outside the store! And we were deemed fit to be parents?!? What if we had left our baby in the carseat sitting on the planter at Burlington Coat Factory? Should we rescind our application to adopt?

At Burlington Coat Factory, we're mooooore than great coats!

Please, please, can we still have a baby? We're not usually THAT forgetful!


Christine said...

Well, at least you'll leave your baby outside, instead of in a stuffy car where they could suffocate from the heat.


Dana said...

I was perusing the net for some FlyLady info when I found your blog. I've never been on a blog before so this is new to me, however, I was excited to see that 1)you live in Austin, 2)you're familiar with FlyLady, 3)you're adopting!
I'm new to the area since Nov 05, live in CP, LOVE FlyLady and we're adopting from Guatemala, should be getting a referral in the next few weeks.
I'd love to talk with you one of these days if that's possible. I was glad to see you post that Burlington has cribs, I didn't know that since I haven't been in that store yet. Now I'll go check it out to see what we can find, so thanks for that info.
I would love to hear from you if you get the chance.

Amy T. S. said...

Dana, I'd love to talk with you! I put a new link in my sidebar (to the right of the posts, scroll down). It says "Email me." See how it works. This message will self-distruct in 10 seconds.