Saturday, May 20, 2006


I love open adoption!

Hi, Kat!

I got to see Kat from our "waiting parents" group (although we are not yet OFFICIALLY waiting). She and her husband were on their way to Babies R Us after the agency meeting today. I found that terribly exciting, because we have been there several times ourselves in the past few weeks. We went to the outlet mall and I bought a receiving blanket. I also got a great gift idea at the meeting, but I can't tell you in case I'm going to get one for you!



Christine said...

Hope you guys had a blast!

Drea and Jason (on your panel) are the aparents of our first foster baby! I told her to hunt you guys out and say hello. She forgot!


Bethm411 said...

Hi. I found you from Barb's site. I am also a birthmom and liked what you said on Barb's I came to check you out. There are many adoptive parent blogs that make me sick to my stomach to read...but yours didnt. Your is very heartwarming.

If you ever want advice from a birthmom...just come on over.

Are you matched yet?

My adoption posts are under "stories of Baby M".

jana said...

Hi, I'm also a birthmom who found you through Barb's site. Just wanted to say hello. Are you pursuing an open adoption?

Amy T. S. said...

Thanks for "coming over," Beth and Jana. I was admittedly nervous about posting over at Barb's, and I checked out some of her links, too. I've been to your site, Jana. I'll be on my way to meet Baby M later.

If there is one thing I know from having experienced years of infertility, it is that people can be pretty lame and hurtful without trying to. Even the question, "Do you have children?" feels devastating sometimes I now know that this is an equally loaded question for birth parents, and I hadn't even thought of how painful it would be for birth parents until reading a birthmom's blog not too long ago. By the way, I came upon your blogs through someone else's site linked to Christine's brain. (Hi, Christine)

I will definitely return your visits. The last thing I would want to be to our future child's birthmom (one word or two?) is insensitive or ignorant. I will certainly be needing some advice from people in the know.

See you!

Bethm411 said...

Amy - I looked forward to reading your blog and seeing your journey unfold.

I had miscarriages before Baby I understand that pain. I always hated that question and I hate it more now. Though I always answer yes and just explain it.