Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The goods

Our baby's new crib! Isn't it pretty? Well, it could use a mattress and some color, but we really like it. We bought the floor model and disassembled it at the store, and then couldn't fit the backboard into the car! I made an "emergency" call to a friend with an SUV and went to pick it up the next door. As a bonus, I got to have coffee and a huge, gooey cinamon roll with a friend - yay for us!

On Sunday (my first mother's day as an expectant mom!) we bought a Pack n' Play at Target for $30, baby! It had been an online order that was returned to the store unopened. It is missing the bells-and-whistles, like a canopy and a changing pad, but as I said, it was $30!

You might think that a couple who have been longing for a child for over 3 years would spare no expense for their baby. But, I'm cheap! Dad, aren't you pleased? Saving $$ is fun!


flakymn said...

Great to see you on my blog!!! I follow you as well and stay posted on what is going on. It will be interesting to see how all of this turns out!!


flakymn said...

Amy glad to see you on my blog. I keep up on you as well. It will be interesting to see how all of our stories turn out as we watch God help us through our grief AND joy.

Blessings friend!


Thelma said...

It's loverly!!
May I also suggest blankets?

And a Suzy's Zoo frame with a picture of Meeko in it? Meeko might not get to meet the baby, but baby should definitely know about Meeko!

So excited for you, Amy!