Saturday, April 15, 2006

Yes, we're still adopting.

I haven't posted an adoption update in so long! We do have a lot going on right now, both finishing up school semesters, taking exams, saying goodbye to dear pets, visiting with family, etc., etc.

We're also expecting a nephew in two weeks. This will be our fourth nephew (always a bridesmaid... ;o) )

The almost last step of our homestudy/parent preparation process is coming up that same day - April 28th. Our casewroker and esteemed agency director will come to our humble home for our home visit. She'll check for some safety details, a fire evacuation plan, etc., and ask us a few more questions.

So here's what we'll do - mow the lawn and plant some plants, tidy up the house, de-Punkyfur the sofa. Here's what we won't do - freak out about that dust-bunny under the sofa or the lone coffee mug in the sink, or stock up the pantry with only kid-friendly, healthy, organic snacks. I mean, you've got to be who you are, right? I like a tidy home as much as the next guy, but I'm not exactly Heidi Homemaker.

My sink does shine, though, because after all I am a part-time Flybaby (and when I say part-time, I really mean it;

Happy Easter, everyone. I hope that they joy of Jesus Christ's resurrection is with you this weekend and always.


Christine said...

Well, she just saw my house last week, and I don't clean up for her anymore! ha! So, don't stress yourself out!!!! She'll be delighted if she can see your carpet. :)

I can't believe you guys are finishing up your homestudy. WOW!


Thelma said...

You also do not need to bake a pie so that it seems like you are a domestic queen.
This is what I learned from Len when we were waiting for the homestudy worker to show.
No pie. Say it with me now. No pie. (But maybe one of those candles that smells like pie?)