Sunday, April 30, 2006

Home study (almost) complete

Although the home study is not officially complete until the agency has our final draft of our profile, we are almost there!

The day started off pretty normal - I went to teach 2nd grade and kindergarten and then came home at 10:15. The skies were really foggy and I was a little concerned that our caseworker might not have been able to fly in, but then I remembered that God was in control and that everything would work out.

I was nervous when I got home, for some reason. I tidied up a very little bit and then practiced the piano to get my mind off of things.

This story is kinda anti-climactic, because the interview was mostly more of the same kinds of questions. We went over some neighborhood information (Hill Elementary, Murchison Middle, Anderson High), some more logistics about what "types" of children we felt we could successfully parent, how we felt about the adoption process through this agency and through open adoption, etc. Then we did the big tour of our newly-smoke-detectored home and finished up.

There was nothing else in particular we need to do to prepare our home. Well, of course there are things, like a place for the baby to sleep, be changed, etc., but nothing else that the state requries that we don't have.

So, it's done! We'll have to update the home visit if we are not selected in 6 months, but it looks like we're set to cruise for a little while.

What comes next, you ask?

You really want to know?

We go to Scotland! This is our final hurrah for awhile. We've been meaning to go for years, but never got around to it. Now that school is out next week and Randy has some vacation set aside we're going for it! I will finish up our profile to send to Buckner before we go, but I'll probably have them hold onto it for a coupla days so that we can be in the states on the slim chance we're one of those blessed families that gets assembled by God on the spur of the moment. So, we should be officially waiting as of June 5th. Hurray!

Now if I can just finish my master's project by Wednesday...

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Thelma said...

June 5th?!
Oh Amy!! You're almost there! Have a lovely time in Scotland!
Want me to catsit Punky while you're gone?