Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We'll see you in Hollywood!

Yesterday we experienced victory at our homestudy interviews. We're on to the next round! This is not a big surprise, but it is encouraging. Our social worker said that we were one of the most thorough questionnaires she ever read, so there were not too many things that she needed to clarify during the interviews. We felt really good about it.

So, we will go back late next week for a 2-day seminar during which we will receive a whole lotta details on the rest of the process. As soon as we complete a rough draft of our 1-page profile and show that we have each read at least three books, our social worker will schedule a home visit to make sure that we have things like working smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher, and outlet covers in the house. Guess what - we do!

We drove up to Dallas on Sunday afternoon in a leetle bit of weather. It wasn't too bad, but since we had only been there once before we were not entirely clear about how to get there, and we took the scenic route. We made it to our hotel in the freezing cold (high of 31 degrees in Dallas Sunday), and walked to a restaurant for a burger. The cheesiest music was playing and we had a fun time making silly googly faces at each other. We went back to the hotel, went to the hot tub, watched the Olympics, and an episode of the Golden Girls! (You know, the one where the girls are arrested for prostitution because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time?)

After our interview yesterday we of course ate Taco Bueno, which for some reason one of us had mentioned in our adoptive parent questionnaire. We also stopped to visit some friends who we haven't seen for awhile and who have a new baby, had a yummy dinner and got the skinny on what kind of goods we might need for a newborn in the house. It was a really fun and eventful two days.

As each step in this process is finished, it feels somewhat anticlimactic. Why is that? Probably because the minute I got home I had to change gears again and become professional woman. It was nice to get back into the routine after several days off. The next few weeks are going to be doosies!

(If you're wondering about the "Hollywood" reference, that's from American Idol, which happens to be on tonight.)


Christine said...

You're going to Hollywood, baby!!

I had to email Adela about something else this week, so I put in my little plug for you guys. Told her what a fine, upstanding, Godly couple you are .. ya' know, apart from the alcoholism and sexual deviance.


Amy T. S. said...

Oh, good. We forgot to mention those two things in our interview. Thanks for covering our bottoms!