Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Beauty and the Geek!

And I'm the geek! Yes, that is a lovely, one-piece shorts pantsuit and white slingbacks. Somebody stop me.

(Oh yeah, that's my brother.)


Allison said...

When was this taken? It's a very... um... nice outfit... hehe... Looks like something I would have worn myself a few years ago.
I used to match all my clothes... and I mean match... pink shirt, shorts, shoes, socks, hair accessory... same for orange, blue, yellow, red... and I was above an age at which that would be called 'cute.'

Christine said...

You're just missing the massive bow on your head.

I'm gonna' make a guess that your brother had a few sock ties in his closet!

Thelma said...

Oh! Flashback!
Remember wearing outfits like that with white nylons? Ah!
I had an outfit like that.. white, with blue and purple flowers, except this one had the ultra-modest fake "camisole" stitched in the front. Blech.


Christine said...

Amy, for some reason it won't let me comment on your newest post.

Just wanted to say YEA! And, you get to hang with Adela for your homestudy - fun!