Wednesday, October 26, 2005

There's a fungus amung us...

Yeesh. My toenail is falling off. This is adoption-related because a) there is really nothing to report yet on the adoption front, and 2) well OK, it isn't related at all. Today was apparantly my last day in cute sandals for awhile. This is just as well because it's getting "cold" (high of 78 degrees!), and because my super-cute sandals kill my feet. I didn't plan my walking day very well. (Please tell me I won't get in trouble using the Lamisil tm guy on my bloggy.)

My new vocabulary word of the day is, "Yeesh." Tres descriptive, yes?

Actually, here is something - Randy has begun filling out his "oh-crap-do-I-have-to-be-perfect-to-adopt-a-child" questionnaire. I think, "Oh, crap, will I not be approved because of my dirty sailor vocabulary?" In other words, are you allowed to say "crap" and be considered a fit parent? Randy's least favorite question so far is, "Describe why you are/are not satisfied with yourself." He has obviously not gotten very far in this questionnaire, because my favorite question is, "Describe your teenage years, including any traumatic events." (Where is my gasping emoticon?) The last thing I want to do as a relatively secure adult is rehash my teenage years! Right now my mom reading this says, "Yeesh!"

Oh, the joys of the adoption paper trail.

This morning at breakfast at Einstein Brothers a pregnant lady walked in. Two things went through my mind: first was, she is not wearing shoes as cute as mine, and second, Hey, I don't feel sad for myself. (Poke-poke, poke-poke on the bruise.) Nope. Nothing. How did this happen? Strains of the Halleluia Chorus echoed through my bagel brain. He will turn my mourning into dancing...


Ann Thompson said...

I am Ann, Amy's proud mother and I too had a joyful adoption experience this morning. I was walking into work with a grandma friend of mine and she asked about our grandchildren. I found that I was DELIGHTED to announce that we have TWO more on the way---one from Kirk (Amy's brother) and Leigh and one from Randy and Amy. I love thinking about our new family adoption adventure and the impending choas of two new babies in the family.

Christine said...

If it's any consolation, we are also "crap"er's and they still gave us a kid!

Speaking of ... we've had Presh two years TODAY!

(insert joyous celebration here)