Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pink or Blue? Take my poll to the right!

Do I want a girl? Yes.


I just went to kiss my boys goodnight. Daddy is the greatest and puts the boys to bed 90 percent of the time, tonight being no exception (except maybe Randy is the exception, he's such an expert tucker-inner), and I can't imagine loving another baby like I love them. BB was so sleepy tonight he just said, "Ni-night, Mommy," and drifted off. LB, however, held on to me and patted my back.

He patted my back like I was the baby and he was taking care of me. Boys love their mamas. How can I resist another one of those?

I went for a midwife appointment today and she checked for the heartbeat on the doppler. It was 152. According to wives-tales, that might just indicate a girl. Or a boy! Ha! I already have two boys, though, so won't I have another one? Remember I only birthed one of those boys, though, so statistically my chances of having a girl are...50/50. I don't know much about math, but I got that one.

Although the probability right now that I am having one or the other is 100%. Gender is determined by 16 weeks. If they'd done an ultrasound today they could have told us pink or blue. Now we'll just have to wait for three weeks until the next Big Reveal!

What do you think? Sugar and spice or snakes and snails?


heather said...

sugar and spice!!! put up a poll.

Amy T. S. said...


Britney said...

Everyone seems to be having girls lately... so pink gets my vote!

Alli said...

I'm going girl, only because you have two boys already and girls are awesome.