Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Melt my heart.

Look at this booger. LB is a very affectionate baby, and I am blessed to have most of that attention directed toward me. (Although both boys are at the point where they light up every time Daddy comes home and exclaim "Daddy!" (BB) and "Dada!" (LB).)

I have not forgotten how much I would long for being #1 when I was a distant #4 behind Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma. I know each time I post a picture on this blog or in other places I worry that I am rubbing salt in the wounds that are infertility. If it ever seems like I am taking the blessings that are children for granted, I probably am, but I sincerely don't mean to. Just know that if it seems like I'm ever being insensitive, I don't mean to be, and I love you.


Mark and Niki said...

You are a wonderful and thoughtful friend. I've never thought you rub salt in the wounds if infertility. You love your children. That is very evident, and very understandable. But I for one understand that not everyday is snuggles, loves, and baby powder scent. There's the poop, puke, and cranberries in the nose.

Thelma said...

Love you too.

And goodness he's cute! Look at that grin!


NotTheMama said...

It does my heart good to see the pictures and hear the stories!! Even cranberries-up-the-nose-stories. And seeing your baby love on you? Just makes me smile.

sheridan said...

I agree with Niki!