Friday, June 06, 2008

"Fabulous Reality"

I had an English teacher in high school (Ames High School, Iowa, class of 1988) who had us share a "fabulous reality" every day. Fabulous reality is an every day thing that happens that we usually don't notice is really, really cool. I found one this morning.

I like coffee. I can survive a morning without it, but there is something about a steaming cup of coffee to remind me of all things good! I take mine with Splenda and half/half. As I poured in the creamer and before stirring, the creamer swirled through the coffee and made a creamer cloud on top. It's gorgeous! That's my fabulous reality today.

Find yours!


Ann T. said...

My fabulous reality today is that my daughter called, and we had an unusual chance to just talk about "this and that"....a real luxury in our busy lives.

lana said...

I'm with you on the coffee...
my fabulous reality today,
I get to hang our in my PJ's till at least 10am which is a complete luxury.