Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rebel rebel

For Christmas we got a new camera - a Canon Rebel XTi. It has a great feature where I can take pictures in fast succession. Our old camera required several seconds wait between shots and we missed a lot of good pictures.

The boys were in matching outfits for church today, but one boy, who shall remain nameless, had a fun diaper this morning.

At church they have what is called the "Bye-bye buggy" that the toddlers ride in for a change of scenery. This morning I chased after the buggy to look at Big Brother with the big kids. WIth a very serious look on his face, he pointed at me as he rode by. "Hey, you're my mom," he seemed to say. It was so cute.

Today was Little Brother's first day in the nursery. I went to pick him up after church and he was happily snuggled in a volunteer's arms looking very cute. A success!

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