Sunday, November 25, 2007

White Thanksgiving

We had snow on Thanksgiving! We were visiting family near Fort Worth and it actually snowed on Thanksgiving day. It was cool!

Upon leaving home my mother-in-law said to me over the phone, "I'm sure you have those children all bundled up." I was surprised, because where we were coming from, 4 hours away, it was 90 degrees! LB was bundled up, but BB was in shorts and no shoes. By the time we stopped for a break it was 50 degrees and we had to break out the sweatpants for BB.

The next day it was snowing! My mom's friend knit BB this beautiful sweater last year, and it fit him perfectly for this snow. Isn't it gorgeous?

Little Brother decided that snow was for the birds, and decided to snuggle up with mommy instead. Smart kid.

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Allison said...

Snow in Texas? On Thanksgiving? Wow!