Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

My mommy sent you a card but Columbus Day messed it up! (I told her to send the card on Saturday but she forgot.)

The first picture is me when I'm really tickled by something interesting - Mommy making a face, Elmo, etc.

The third picture is how I like to try to undress myself in the morning.


Ann Thompson said...

Oh what a perfect birthday present! Thanks so much for the great surprise. But what were you doing posting at 3:30 in the morning?

Amy T. S. said...

Haha. I thought you might notice that. It really wasn't - my time stamp is not accurate. It was, however, 6am, still too early. Erik had Sesame Street as a babysitter this morning while I slept some more.

Mark and Niki said...

Thank you Grandma for having a birthday and sharing pictures :) Erik, you are getting more handsome every day!

Ann Thompson said...

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary to you and Randy. It was just one year ago today that news of your darling baby came into our lives. I will never forget your phone call on that wonderful day.
I will also never forget the "Are you sitting down?" call that announced your pregnancy with new baby.
Your fifth year of marriage has been quite the amazing year.
I am so happy that you and Randy have each other and that your loving family is growing in such beautiful ways.