Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary! We had a new babysitter come and she and Erik seemed to get along great. Who wouldn't get along with this kid? In any case, we had a really nice evening.

We went for dinner at Carmelo's restaurant which we have seen advertised and plugged a lot, but had never been. It was wonderful. There was an accordion playing in the background at a perfect volume, attentive waitstaff, and great food.Randy's was prepared at the table. It was really nice and we tried not to talk about kids the whole time.

It's hard to buy gifts for each other when either of us could go to the store and buy something we need, so I like to get inspiration from whatever traditional anniversary gift is meant for that year. This year's was wood. Hmmm. We are at max cap at the house, so I can't exactly buy him a workbench for the garage that is filled with other stuff. So I decided one of my gifts would be to clean off the dinig room table so you could see the wood. Clever, huh? I'm not much of a homemaker, so this is like a present.

My other gift was Randy's idea and not mine, but I did have to endure a restroom full of crickets to pick it up, so I figure I get some credit. It was the Tiger WOODs PGA tour game for PSP. Clever Randy. He gave me a silver chain to replace one that broke. The modern 5th anniversary gift is silverware, so he said he bought me silver wear. How about that, huh?

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Mark and Niki said...

Happy Anniversary. You look great! So glad to hear you had a good night out. I want to babysit for you!

Christine said...

You just get prettier the more pregnant you get. How do you do that??

Amy T. S. said...

Well, Christine, here's the trick. I did this in college - it really works.

Never wear any makeup and basically wear the same outfit every day for 5 months. Then, whip out the full make-up and put on a dress. Voila!

Swing Kid Mommy said...

Amy - you look so great! I just love seeing your pregnant photos! Happy Anniversary - was your wedding really 5 years ago. I still remember the first time I met you in the retail parking lot of Mopac & Brodie. I didn't even know Randy had a girlfriend until I saw you together. :)

Allison said...

Happy Anniversary - you look great!