Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mommy Spring Break!

I'll be taking a staycation this week in my own home. I'm so excited!

Step one: making my bedroom oasis look nice. We have a nice, large bedroom with a little corner just for me. I'm sitting there right now on my couch with my feet up on an ottoman. Nice. But the room is a mess and doesn't feel very oasissy! I'll put in a new Scentsy fragrance, tidy up some messy spots, vacuum, and have a mini spa bedroom. Ahhhh...

Step two: eat lots of berries. I have a huge container of raspberries and a container of strawberries that I plan to indulge in daily. Perhaps I'll have raspberry waffles one morning for breakfast and a strawberry yogurt parfait one afternoon (or four).

Step three: get some errands run and maybe even shop for Baby Girl Standridge!

Step four: get my knitting on!

Step five: nap, nap, nap - got to catch up on some zzzzzz's.

So if you need me, I'll have my feet up so give me a few minutes to get to the door or the phone.

Oh hey, I forgot step .5. Drop the boys off at kid's gym camp every day!

Spring break is here!

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