Sunday, August 09, 2009

Brothers love each other

Hello, cuteness. Tonight we had "movie night" and watched Finding Nemo. A little bit into the movie Randy pointed out that BB had filled the back of his toy train with popcorn and had climbed up into the chair with his little bro. I caught a video and some pictures.

These guys adore one another. They fight just like close siblings, too. Now LB is getting pretty beefy he can pull his big brother over and BB does not like the turn-about. Fair play! They are getting to be a handful, but a cute little bundle all the same. Here are some photos of tonight's movie night.


Mark and Niki said...

Great pictures, even better memories!


Flakymn said...

I'm sure people tell you they look alike Amy. Wow!

Allison said...

The are precious. I really enjoy having kids close in age (about as much as I can't stand it!)

Ann said...

I have never thought that they look alike---but after examining the profiles in these pictures, I am changing my mind. "Are they twins?"