Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Easter 2009

This is a random picture, isn't it? I've posted it for a specific purpose.

We might be moving.


Um, yeah. We'll see. Without giving too many specifics on the blog, because some deluded part of my brain thinks that if I don't give out specific personal information regularly on my blog then no one can "track us down" and show up on our doorstep asking for a clean place to stay, I'll just say that Randy is waiting to hear from a job in a town south of where we are now in Texas. It's a perfectly lovely town, in my uneducated opinion. But it's not our town. We love our town.

I moved here in 2000 and I feel like God kind of swept me up and healed me here. There are many things to do and we have a wonderful church family and friends. Although we don't have family here (or there), we are close enough to Randy's mom to drive there in one shot without much trouble. We're also near Randy's brother's wife's parents so we get to catch Amy and Brad when they come to town. It's nice.

Mixed feelings for sure. We love it here - did I mention that? We love our home and neighborhood. But mostly we love each other, so wherever we live we'll still be a family. That's the most important thing. So perhaps you can be praying that God would clearly reveal His will regarding Randy's job situation and where we should live. We'd appreciate that.

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Liz said...

Girl, I understand your feelings exactly. When Tim joined the army, and we had to move to rural Alabama (5 hours from civilization!), then I was afraid. Small town, different culture, new people, new church, new house... But I ended up making some of the best friends of my life there, and I have honestly never been happier in my life til that point. I hope that helps. I will sure miss you though, even though I'm already an hour away as it is!