Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I got a new way to walk!

Walk walk.


Christine said...


Now, if he could just actually GO to the bathroom and wipe his own bum. Now THAT would be something. heh.

Swing Kid Mommy said...

Yay, how fun. Kate learned to walk right before Christmas last year - it's a whole new world now that he is up on two legs, watch out! :)
What a cute little waddle he has.

Allison said...

Watch out! Walking means you can't look away for 2 seconds!

Ann Thompson said...

I treasure this little video and have watched it about 100 times---but then I am a doting grandmother!
Here's what I love about it:
•his little laugh at the beginning
•his adorable little "waddle"
•the fact that he sits down at the end, rather than falls down: smart kid and more evidence that he is a little genius!