Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday laughs

Soul Train, baby! It is hilarious - the outfits, the music, the hair, the dancing - hilarious. It's funny to me because although I was too young to go out dancing in the 1970s, I was certainly old enough to go roller skating and remember dressing in a leotard under tight jeans with one side of my hair pulled back.

There's this one lady who I can only assume tried to dress like Judy Jetson in a red leotard with a space-age collar over black tights, with a sparkly headband and Crystal Gayle hair down past her buttocks. She keeps moving in and out of view, sidling across the stage waving her arms in a very disco-esque movement. Of course there are also the jumpsuits, tubetops, and matching his and hers outfits.

For a good laugh check out an old Soul Train one Saturday afternoon. This is what happens when you and your husband are too cheap to pay for cable TV past the basic package.

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