Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New link

Check it! It's the premiere Ames, Iowa exercise team, led by my fearless and fit mom Ann T.

A few years ago I spent the summer in Iowa and ran a 5K with my parents. They both beat me and my dad walked. HUmiliating. The only thing that got me through that race was hearing the band play Ted Nugent's "Free For All" at the finish line.

Gee, you didn't know I was a fan of Ted Nugent? Don't tell our adoption agency! (Hi, Carol AND Adela!)


Christine said...

I don't see a link to it?

Amy T. S. said...'s under links, and is called Coach Thompson's.... or something.

Christine said...

DUH! I was looking for a link in the post.

Hmmmm ... wonder where my lack-of-focus daughter gets it?????

Christine said...

Sorry to be hogging your comments, but I'm tagging you: